Supply Lists


2 Box of 24 CrayonsColoring Book (Appropriate)School Box (6×9)
1 Pink Eraser2 Standard Boxes of TissuesWater Color Paint (like Prang)
2 box #2 Pencils2 Containers of Clorox WipesFiskars Scissors (Rounded Tip)
4 Elmer’s Glue Stick2 3-prong folders with pocketsPlaydoh brand 4 pack
Change of clothesLarge white poster board
Dry erase markers w/ erasers attached
Cloth face mask

1st Grade

1 package of #2 PencilsColoring Book (Appropriate)Dry erase markers w/ eraser attached
Crayons (24) No TwitablesCrayola Water Colors2-Two Pocket Folders (w/o holes)
2 Standard Boxes of Tissues1 Pink EraserFiskars Scissors (Rounded Tip)
School Box (6×9) No pouches/bagsClorox/Lysol WipesPlaydoh brand 4 pack
3 Elmer’s Stick GlueSmall Dry Erase Board1 Emer’s School Glue 4oz White
2 3-prong folders s/ pocketsLarge white poster boardCloth face mask

2nd Grade

School Box (6×9)4 Standard Boxes of Tissues1 – 12” Ruler w/ centimeters
2 Pkg. #2 PencilsCrayons (24)Dry Erase Marker & Small Eraser
1 Pkg. of Cap Erasers2 Marble Composition Notebooks2 Poly Folders w/pockets 
Scissors (Rounded Tip)Large white poster boardCloth face mask
 Notebook Paper (NOT College-ruled)

3rd Grade

Colored Pencils (12)1 Ruler w/ Centimeters (12″)Scissors (5”, blunt tip)
1 Red Pocket Folder2 Highlighters (any color)Plain # 2 Pencils (36 pencils)
3 Pink Erasers (Medium)1 set Multiplication FlashcardsLysol Wipes
Wide-ruled Notebook Paper (300sheets)3 Standard Boxes of Tissues1 one-inch 3 rind binder (plain)
Glue SticksLarge white poster boardCloth face mask

4th Grade

Block & Cap ErasersNo.2 Pencils2 Highlighters
12 Pk Colored PencilsPencil Pouch or case3pk Wide Rule Paper
12″ Ruler w/ centimeters1 two-pocket folder3pk Clorox Wipes
3 Boxes of tissuesHand SanitizerFlash cards(add/sub/mult/div)
Glue SticksScissorsLarge white poster board
Sterillite storage box (6qt-white) *Walmart for $.97Cloth face maskRed ink pens (non-erasable)

5th Grade

2 Container of Wet Wipes3 pkg. Notebook Paper/Wide ruled3 Standard Boxes of Tissues
3 Dark, Broad-tipped Dry Erase Markers1 set of 5 pocket dividers1 (1″) Binder
2 doz. No.2 Pencils (no mechanical)1 pk cap erasers4 glue sticks
1 small pair scissors1 pk Highlighters1 Pencil pouch (no boxes)
Red ink pen (non erasable)1 bottle hand sanitizer4 Composition Notebooks
Colored pencils 24 countLarge pink eraser12″ Ruler
 Large white poster boardCloth face mask
Art Supplies for K5-5th Grades
1 Large White Poster Board

6th-8th Grade

Pencil Pouch2 pkg #2 PencilsCloth Face Mask
4 Highlighters1 pkg Colored Pencils2 Standard size boxes tissues (not travel size)
Notebook for All Subjects (5)Dividers1 pkg cap erasers
Notebook Paper1 pkg Graph PaperNIV Bible (Old & New Testaments)
1 Ruler w/ centimeters1 pk Index Cards (3×5)1 Bible Journal (5×7 spiral type)
Hand sanitizerDisinfectant WipesScientific Calculator
1 pack Glue Sticks1 Pair Scissors

9th-12th Grade

Standard Supplies

Pencil Pouch
2 pkg #2 Pencils
3 Highlighters
1 pkg Colored Pencils
NIV Bible
2 Tissue Boxes(Standard Size)
Notebook Paper
1 pkg red grading pencils


1 Composition Notebook


1 Composition Book
Casio Scientific Calculator 0516 (Casio FX-300ES Plus 16 Digit)
2 Pocket folders with prongs

Liberal Arts Math

1 Composition Notebook
2 Pocket folders with prongs

Language Arts

1 (1 1/2”) 3-Ring binder w/ pockets
1pk (3count) sticky notes (multi-colored)
1pk (5 count) dividers for binders