First Assembly Christian School is hiring experienced and credentialed

•Preschool Teachers

•K-12th Grade Teachers & Support Staff

We offer preschool care for infants 8 weeks – 4yrs and wrap around care for school age children in our preschool.

First Assembly Christian School offers classes from Kindergarten – 12th Grade.

Great benefits offered for full & part time employees, including health, dental and eye insurance.

Sick days, vacation days & personal days. Child care discounts offered as well.

Please come by and fill out an application for more information.

Welcome to First Assembly Christian School

First Assembly Christian School is an accredited Christian educational program offering sound academic training founded in God’s Word. We believe the home, school, and church should complement each other to promote the proper development of each student.

Whether you are looking for infant care, preschool, and VPK in Ocala, FL, or you want a great elementary, middle school or high school in Marion County, the goal of our qualified and experienced faculty is to help your child grow academically, emotionally, and physically. Learn more about the admissions process.

“They shall mount up with wings as eagles”
Isaiah 40:31

FACS Values

Achievement – Striving to always improve oneself. Taking risks and growing personally, spiritually and academically.

Integrity – Using God’s Word as a guide, to live a life of honesty and good character, making wise choices.

Grace – Recognizing that God’s grace is extended to all of his Creation and showing that grace and mercy to everyone.

Faith – Trusting Christ as Savior and living in obedience to Him

Community – Living life together and seeking the best good not just for oneself but for people nearby and around the world.


First Assembly Christian School’s vision is to develop students (and eventually adults) who achieve to the best of their ability, and who live lives of Integrity, Grace and Faith as they contribute to their community.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of First Assembly Christian School to create a Christian community where students are encouraged to grow to their full potential in order to fulfill their God-given purpose.


    First Assembly Christian School, a ministry of First Assembly of God, Inc., of Ocala, FL, shall not discriminate against membership, students, or others on the basis of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin; however, as a religious institution it reserves the right to deny or terminate employment or to deny or terminate any other status of persons whose lifestyle, words, actions or otherwise do not align with the church’s statement of faith, standard of conduct or other policies of the church.  This policy statement is not intended to waive the ministerial exception or exemption to federal, state, or local antidiscrimination laws or regulations.

    First Assembly Christian School, un ministerio de First Assembly of God, Inc., de Ocala, FL, no discriminará a los miembros, estudiantes u otras personas por motivos de raza, color, nacionalidad u origen étnico; sin embargo, como institución religiosa, se reserva el derecho de negar o rescindir el empleo o denegar o rescindir cualquier otro estatus de personas cuyo estilo de vida, palabras, acciones o de otra manera no se alineen con la declaración de fe, norma de conducta u otras políticas de la iglesia. la Iglesia.  Esta declaración de política no pretende renunciar a la excepción o exención ministerial a las leyes o regulaciones antidiscriminatorias federales, estatales o locales.

    First Assembly Christian School, yon ministè First Assembly of God, Inc., nan Ocala, FL, pa dwe fè diskriminasyon kont manm, elèv, oswa lòt moun sou baz ras, koulè, nasyonalite, oswa orijin etnik; sepandan, kòm yon enstitisyon relijye, li rezève dwa pou refize oswa mete fen nan travay oswa pou refize oswa mete fen nan nenpòt lòt estati moun ki gen fòm, pawòl, aksyon oswa lòt fason ki pa ann akò ak deklarasyon lafwa legliz la, estanda konduit oswa lòt politik. legliz la.  Deklarasyon politik sa a pa gen entansyon anile eksepsyon oswa egzanpsyon ministeryèl la pou lwa oswa règleman antidiskriminasyon federal, eta oswa lokal yo.